Co-Founder & Executive Director

Venkat Anaparthi has been one of the founding members of Vyomaa Energy and has been closely following renewable energy landscape since 2001. He has created the vision and strategy for Vyomaa Energy, directed and recruited professional & technical staff. In addition, he has also guided early adoption of BOOT based solar projects in Andhra Pradesh with focus on earning customer trust and fostering steady growth. He has been actively involved in the design and assembled templates for project proposals, project design specifications and financial management tools. He has been instrumental in creating a strong and cohesive team to execute the broader vision of the company. He plays a key role in development of methodologies to assist companies in evaluating potential savings with renewable energy.

Vyomaa Energy now has more than 100 customers and has executed more than 30 rooftop installations within the state of Andhra Pradesh.  We are actively building a diversified customer base with clients of varied sizes, industries and locations across the county. Despite being a relatively new player in the renewable energy market, Vyomaa energy now has the attention and operational contracts of a number of top educational and government Institutions. We are one of few renewable energy companies that has truly established an end to end solution with Engineering Design, Financial Modelling, Procurement, Construction and Maintenance of Distributed energy solutions under one platform. Our core strengths revolve around industry leadership, expertise, agile delivery and offering technologically advanced renewable energy services at significantly lower cost and risk.

Power Your Energy needs with Solar

Power Your Energy needs with Beautiful Solar

Vyomaa Energy © 2020.  All Rights Reserved.

Vyomaa Energy © 2020. All Rights Reserved.