Co-Founder & Executive Director

With Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, Sandeep founded Vyomaa Energy in 2012 after working as Management consultantwith Ernst & Young LLP & IBM. He moved to USA after completing his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the JNT University. Growing up in a country whose solar power sector is in its infant stage, his time in the United States drove him to start a Renewable Energy Company. He is instrumental in bringing Vyomaa energy the attention and operational contracts of a number of top educational and commercial establishments in India. His core strengths revolve around industry leadership, mentoring teams, global expertise in renewable energy, sustainable finance & supply chain.

Power Your Energy needs with Solar

Power Your Energy needs with Beautiful Solar

Vyomaa Energy © 2020.  All Rights Reserved.

Vyomaa Energy © 2020. All Rights Reserved.