Vyomaa Energy will install solar rooftop on your building and provide electricity at a competitive price than you currently pay your distribution company with minimal or no changes to electrical infrastructure. The solar rooftop system operates directly from PV arrays  to provide renewable energy to power your energy needs of your building in clean and economic environment.  Our solar technology uses new solar technology that operates at a higher efficiency than conventional solar installations.

kWh prices that are cheaper than you pay you distribution company

Vyomaa Energy will build, own and operate the solar rooftop system and power consumed will be injected into the grid through net metering. The customer will continue to receive electricity through the same grid interconnections and will purchase power owned by Vyomaa Energy through the PPA.

Vyomaa Energy is a licensed electrical contractor, and is responsible for all aspects of solar rooftop installation. The Company manages the entire process from permitting through inspection to interconnection to the power grid, thereby making the system installation process simple and seamless for all customers. Controlling every aspect of the installation process allows the Company to minimize
costs, ensure quality, and deliver high levels of customer satisfaction.

Vyomaa Energy monitors the performance of all its solar energy systems, leveraging a combination of internally developed solutions as well as capabilities provided by their suppliers. Currently. This will help collect performance data and use this data to ensure quality delivery and maintenance services for your solar energy system

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Power Your Energy needs with Solar

Power Your Energy needs with Beautiful Solar

Vyomaa Energy © 2020.  All Rights Reserved.

Vyomaa Energy © 2020. All Rights Reserved.