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RESCO - Solar Rooftop PV System

We offer the RESCO model to our clients since it is a zero-investment model where our client pays only for the electricity that is generated through the setup, while the plant is owned by us. Our clients are able to enjoy uninterrupted solar energy supply without worrying about any costs that are incurred in the operations and management of the plant. What do we ask for in return? The client only has to pay a pre-decided monthly tariff which is definitely lower than the electricity bill being paid by them.

EPC - Solar Rooftop PV System

EPC stands for a process that includes Engineering, Procurement and Construction. Vyomaa Energy is dedicated to provide an EPC service where we give the best engineering design, obtain the equipment, and then deliver a functioning asset to our clients.From designing the solar energy system to procuring the components and installing the project, we will do it all for you.

Energy Storage and EV Chargers

Power your workplace or your home with Vyomaa Energy’s one of a kind eco-friendly energy generation system that comes along with a charging and storage solution. We have simplified the cost of solar battery storage and charging system so that our customers can get the best experience.Since we customize all our Solar plants according to the needs of our clients, you need not worry about anything at all. Our clients can easily count on our services because client satisfaction is our top priority.

Solar Equipment Supply

Our internally developed Solar Novus systems for residential and agricultural use come in sizes of 1.2 kW, 2.4 kW, 3.6 kW, 4.8 kW & 6.0 kW for on-grid and off-grid solar powering all residential homes and water pumping needs. All system components are tested and optimized for particular requirements in our own R&D center, the company not only has its own patented installation systems, but also developed an integrated installation and logistics system, which is the only one of its kind for smaller solar system.With this commitment to quality, life cycle and profitability of the solar power system, we offers sustainable solutions for sustainable energy generation.

Unique proposition

Best in class industry warranty from you local supplier


Our systems are designed with a solid copper foundation that is able to withstand all kinds of harsh conditions, and deliver productivity up to decades.

Silent Operations

As compared to other energy generation systems, solar plants do not make any noise at all. The energy just comes from the sun.

Extraordinary Performance

The system we install comes with the most efficient and effective solar panels in the market, because they help in saving more power and fewer panels are needed.

Space Efficiency

Our solar panels occupy less space and are space efficient. The cells are made from single silicon crystals to form slates that are only 0.2 mm in thickness.

Concealed Effectiveness

The panels in our solar plants are equipped with concealed micro-inverters in order to optimize power conversion and minimize the disruptions.

Seamless Integration

The system is designed to automatically manage the energy flow and to help meet all your home or workplace energy needs.

Let Us Help You Save Money!

Let Us Help You Save Money!

Indicative Pricing Sheet

Every Project is different. Please consult with our engineering team for exact pricing for your solar energy needs

1kW - 10 kW System

Residential Customers

54 - 59/Wp
The above costs are inclusive of total system cost - Installation, commissioning, transportation, insurance, five year annual maintenance, and applicable taxes.
Above 100 kW System

Commercial Customers

45 - 55/Wp
The above costs are inclusive of total system cost - Installation, commissioning, transportation, insurance, five year annual maintenance, and applicable taxes. *Additional charges may be applicable for Net-metering and CEIG Approval
15 Year Power Purchase Agreement

Commercial Customers

The cost includes power generation guarantee and annual maintenance for duration of the power purchase agreement

Power Your Energy needs with Solar

Power Your Energy needs with Beautiful Solar

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Vyomaa Energy © 2020. All Rights Reserved.