Our expertise in Indian energy market ensures that regulations are met, safety is considered at every stage and high quality Solar PV systems are delivered. 

Solar PV in our DNA

We Are An Awesome Energy Services Company

Vyomaa Energy brings a track record of maintaining profitability, a reputation for implementing game-changing Solar PV technology, and a history of overcoming project barriers. Vyomaa Energy’s culture is centered on achieving engineering excellence and design sophistication in order to foster innovation and the development of industry leading Solar PV products. We specializes in solar grid-connected rooftop power plants in engineering, procurement, construction management, quality control, information management, along with installation of agricultural pumps for farmers. We offer the most comprehensive complete-system warranty that covers power output protection, coverage for defects related to workmanship and materials and hassle free replacement/repair for any defective parts


We are

Quality focused.

About Us

Meet Veerendra, Our CEO

“I am responsible for executing the overall vision and direction of the company. My primary responsibility is to direct the company in maintaining highest level of customer service in the products and services we provide to our esteemed customers.


I believe that as a Chief Executive Officer, I should not be limited to representing the company just to attend important functions, industry events and/or public meetings, but also be accessible to all our customers big or small.  Our experienced team at Vyomaa Energy always strive to maintain highest quality in all services and products supplied by us, establishing goal to make each customer a ‘repeat customer’

– Veer
Investment Anchored Approach

Our contracts are Date bound, includes liquidated damage coverage (for schedule and performance delays), inefficiency, or equipment failures

Inhouse Tools & Technology

Use of In-house developed Software to manage deliverables and timelines. Our clients will be able to monitor construction schedules through the client portal provided

Guaranteed output for first 5 Years

Our EPC contract includes guaranteed power output clause & for provisions to compensate with additional Solar Panels for deficiency in production

Operation & Maintenance

Our experience with existing renewable energy projects helps us managing these Assets to achieve required CUF after 5 years

Industry Best Warranty

Vyomaa Energy will warrant all components of the Plant within 5 Years from date of commissioning of the project

Apply Global Perspective

Has board members and experienced teams working across Globe to bring in the best practices for policies, service and equipments we provide to our clients

Every project is different. We take an owner’s perspective apply these guiding principles in project execution.

Return on Investment

Cost & Schedule

Cost and schedule for the project are critical for the project cash flow and hence critical to investors or lenders. We recommend technology based based on clients expected Return on Investment on projects

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Right EPC Contract

Quality in Project Execution

Evaluate the ability to meet market requirements as well as the quality of the plant and hence its reliability in service, in order to secure revenues and investment profitability

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Policy and Regulations

Safety & Environmental Impact

The safety and environmental impact of the project could result in an impediment of it by not gaining permission or losing its license to operate. Evaluate equipment certification meets industry guidelines.

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Investment Anchored Approach for all our Solar PV (EPC & RESCO) Projects

Energy services and contracts with Date bound. Inclusion of Liquidated damage coverage (for schedule and performance delays, inefficiency, or equipment failures.

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Vyomaa Energy Client - AITAM Tekkali
Vyomaa Energy Client - Lenora Dental College
Vyomaa Energy Client - KITS Engineering College Divili
Vyomaa Energy Client - Ramakrishna Mission - Vizag
Vyomaa Energy Client - Bobbili Muncipality
Vyomaa Energy Client - Directorate General of Lighthouses & Lightships
Vyomaa Energy Client - Govt of India, Ministry of Shipping
First Step

Project Startup

  1. Project Initiation
    1. Project Scope
  2. Contracts
    1. Power Purchase Agreement/EPC Agreement
    2. Site Access Agreement
    3. Subsidy Disbursement
  3. Licenses & Permits
    1. Grid Connectivity Report
    2. Fire Department Approval
    3. All statutory requirements
      1. Labor registration,
      2. Employee site Insurance
Second Step


  1. Site Survey & Assessment
    1. Project Schedule
    2. Design Package
    3. Product Data Sheets
  2. Procurement
Third Step


  1. Civil Works
  2. Racking & Mounting Equipment
  3. Solar Panels
  4. Inverters & Electrical System
  5. Solar Panel Testing
  6. Remote Monitoring
Fourth Step

Inspection & Project Close

  1. State Nodal Agency for Renewable Energy Inspection
  2. Power Distribution Company Inspection
  3. CEIG Approval
  4. Fire Department Inspection
  5. Close out Documentation with final Inspection
  6. Remote Monitoring Website
Chief Executive Officer

Veerendra Kumar Meka

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Director - Business Strategy & Finance

Sandeep Anaparthi

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Director - Product Design & Engineering

Vijay Gannamani

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Vice President - Operations

Murthy Anaparthy

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Chief Technology Officer

Venkat Avirneni

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Advisor - Business Strategy

Aravind Sugumar

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Referral Marketing

Positive customer testimonials and reviews are one of the strongest forms of advertising and can be a key decision point for many potential customers. Satisfied customers are extremely inclined to discuss their experience with friends, family, and colleagues, resulting in new business opportunities for
Vyomaa Energy. Thus, Vyomaa Energy will offer referral incentives as required for all the existing customers who refer new customers

Strategic Partnerships

Vyomaa Energy will attend various renewable energy and solar PV related tradeshows within India and even abroad. This will allow us to foster new relationships with potential customers while learning more about competitors and new technology offered by hardware manufacturers. We are always looking for industry partners who are willing to foster long-term relationships

Social Media

We utilize multiple social media handles, including Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to receive important customer feedback. These channels will provide users key insights into the Company’s operations, successful
installations, interesting renewable energy articles, interviews by founders and much more.
Additionally, individuals may closely follow these accounts for updates regarding any important news
coming from the Company.

Web Presence

Our website (www.vyomaa.com) will be a powerful marketing tool for attracting potential consumers. We believe Ease of navigation and well-positioned information can enhance a consumer’s decision-making process,
reducing clutter and increasing the chances that he or she will utilize our Company’s services. The Company has invested  to further enhance brand recognition and will include several call to action initiatives.

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